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Dengie 'Extra' is a medium energy Fibremix.

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Energy Balance - Dengie 'Extra' is a medium energy Fibremix (11.5 MJ/kg, estimated DE, as fed). It provides a careful balance of energy from fibre, oil and starch and combines quality chopped alfalfa with other traditional ingredients including cooked linseed, micronized cereals and micronized soya. Conditioning - The cereal inclusion, which excludes whole oats, is lower than most conditioning feeds making 'Extra' ideal for promoting condition without over-exuberance. The inclusion of traditional cooked linseed and added soya oil provides a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids essential for healthy skin and show ring coat condition. Medium Intensity Work - Dengie 'Extra' provides mainly slow release energy from digestible fibre and oil and provides adequate but not excessive levels of rapid release energy from cereal starch. 'Extra' is ideal for medium intensity work such as eventing, showjumping, dressage and endurance. Quality Chopped Fibre - Dengie 'Extra' has a high inclusion of chopped alfalfa, which extends eating time and encourages chewing, helping to maintain normal digestion and reduce the likelihood of stable vices. Balanced Ñ Dengie 'Extra' incorporates XP Yeast as well as generous but balanced levels of vitamins and bioavailable minerals. The inclusion of XP Yeast will help to maintain a normal balance of microflora in the hindgut ensuring that your horse or pony uses his feed more efficiently. Suitability - Dengie 'Extra' is designed for horses in medium intensity work e.g. showjumping, dressage, eventing and endurance or to promote weight gain. Extra condition Extra work Extra energy Easy to Feed - Dengie Extra provides a generous level of vitamins and chelated minerals and can be fed on its own or ideally in combination with other Fibre Feeds e.g. any products from the Alfa-A or Hi-Fi ranges


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