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Horses require feeding little and often, as this is the way they feed in the wild. Moreover, this is how their digestive systems have been evolved to function. It is advised that lots of grass and hay are provided as this provides vital roughage. As most owners will tell you, there are loads of different feeds on the market from a host of different manufacturers. It is advised that horses are fed according to their activity levels and workload, as horses involved in heavy training and strenuous activity will require greater amounts of calories and protein than more sedentary horses. Additionally, it is always good to be constantly checking the condition of your horse and to monitor their body shape and fat levels, as being under and overweight can cause health problems. Getting your horse feed online, is not only much more convenient, but can also work out cheaper, when purchased in the correct quantities.

Forage is very important in the diet of any horse, as it contains both good quality clean calories and also the fibre, which is vital to horses. There are many different products on the market, which all contain different sources of fibre, including hay, dried straw, ryegrass, soya hulls and sugar beet pulp. It is also good to remember that whilst forage is required for the digestive system, you also need to make sure that it is dust free and doesn’t contain any mould or fungus, as this can negatively affect a horse’s respiratory system.

In an ideal world, horses wouldn’t need any additional supplementation and would be able to get all the nutrients from grazing on pasture. However, much of the pastureland in the UK simply doesn’t contain the nutrients required by horses, as this land is often over grazed and affected by modern farming methods. In such situations, research has consistently shown that supplementing your horses diet with additional vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, is beneficial to their health and wellbeing. Such supplements usually contain nutrients and antioxidants that help improve hoof condition, coat condition, digestive health, immune system and help to reduce stress in some horses.

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Gelston Haylage® is a top quality nutritious forage which makes an excellent alternative to traditional hay. Being semi-moist, it has the additional benefits of being dust free and virtually free of mould spores.

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High in health giving Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, Micronized Full Fat Linseed Meal provides health within, and appearance without!

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