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Specialist rat food contains all the nutrients required, in the correct quantities to ensure good health. These diets generally contain ingredients such as cereal, fruit, soya protein etc. If rats are overfed, this can lead to selective feeding, which can result in them not getting all the required nutrients in the diet. Therefore, to prevent this, it is advised that they are fed twice daily, once in the morning and then again in the evening. Our range includes products from brands such as Reggie rat, My Johnstons and science selective rat.

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upreme RAT AND MOUSE FOOD is a fibrous, nutritious and wholesome blend of cereals, grains, vegetables, seeds, mealworms and extrusions - supplying Rats and Mice with a tasty, healthy food in a variety of textures to help with dental wear.

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Reggie Rat is a nutritionally Complete Food formulated with a variety of protein-based ingredients to meet the special nutritional need of rats.

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