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In their natural environment, rabbits eat a mixture of grasses, fruit and leaves. However, luckily there is a range of complete mixtures and pellets on the market, which provide many of the nutrients rabbit, require in order to remain healthy. It is advised that rabbit should be feed twice daily, usually morning and afternoon or evening. In addition to these completed rabbit foods, rabbits also need hay, as this provides many nutrients that they require. Plus it helps to strengthen their jaws, and it keeps them occupied throughout the day. Most people make use of a hay rack and make this available all the time.

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Chudleys Rabbit Royale is a complete muesli mix of pellets, micronised cereals, forage, herbs & vegetables and is suitable for adults and growing .

RRP £12.65 your price £10.55

xcel Tasty Nuggets for Mature Rabbits is a delicious, complementary food with special ingredients to deal with some of the problems that age brings, such as joint stiffness and a lack of energy; it also helps to keep weight under control.

RRP £5.13 your price £4.79

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