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Wild bird peanuts are one of the best selling types of bird food on the market, as they very high calories and extremely nutritious. These are very popular with sparrows, siskins, woodpeckers and various tits. It is important to use quality nuts which have trace levels of aflatoxin, as this type of mould can causes problems of the birds. Peanuts are best used in peanuts or mesh type feeders. This allows the birds to peck between the metal mesh. So, rather than purchasing them in small quantities from your local store, you can buy in bulk online from our website. We source only the best quality bird peanuts from across the globe, so you can be sure you’re purchasing the best quality, premium nuts, which are high in nutrients.

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Peanuts are rich in fats, proteins and oils and are of major importance to the tit family, greenfinch flocks, siskins, woodpeckers and house sparrows. Guaranteed Peanuts - tested for Aflatoxin to ensure the safety of our wildlife.

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