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Cat litter helps to prevent odours from developing and a number of these cat litter products are biodegradable and so are good for the environment too. We offer a wide range of cat litter from all the top manufacturers such as Pettex, Breeders select and Thomas cat litter. Our range includes wood based litter, silica based litter and mineral based litter. Also, we have a selection of mats and deodorants, which help keep you home clean and smelling fresh.

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This premium cat litter is made from a pure Natural mineral and using our unique super sieved system comes a dust free product with superior clumping and odour control.

RRP £6.25 your price £5.73

Premium natural cat litter that absorbs more moisture than paper, wood and clay litters and prevents smell by its unique fast acting action. Its huge absorptive capacity makes it very long lasting and economical.

RRP £9.99 your price £9.49

Innovative, hygienic and simple to use, we're convinced that you will be impressed with the premium performance of Intersand City Classic clumping cat litter.

RRP £14.99 your price £12.99

2*15kg INTERSAND only £23.98


Intersand Classic’s “Triple Action” litter absorbs 400% of its weight in liquid - the result: extra hard clumps. This Odour Neutralizing Blend contains tiny blue granules designed for exceptional odour control.

RRP £14.99 your price £12.99

2*15kg INTERSAND only £23.98

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