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Each species of pet bird will have different nutritional requirements. For example birds such as finches and canaries requires specialist seed mixtures, which contain things like rapeseed, nigerseed, and lettuce seed etc. It is important to remember that these birds have very fast metabolisms and therefore need to be fed regularly. With regards to bird such as Cockatiels and parakeets, these birds also require seed mixtures, however these usually contain larger seeds such as sunflower seed, safflower seed, Paddy rice and peanut kernels. It is also important to provide clean water everyday too. Many bird owners also make grit available for their birds too, when consumed by the bird, this helps to aid digestion.

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African Parrot Loro Parque Mix is an enriched seed mixture with extra food elements, specially made for all African parrots such as African grey parrots, jardine's parrots and Senegal parrots.

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Mixture for smaller European finches; extremely suitable for goldfinches, siskins, redpolls... Mixture for smaller European finches; extremely suitable for goldfinches, siskins, redpolls...

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Prestige Canaries Premium is an enriched seed mixture with extra food elements required by the canary to remain fit. This mixture is composed with carefully selected seeds and is enriched with extra Vitamins,

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French red millet sprays are from the anjou regions of France are reputed to have 2.5 times the nutrient value of normal Chinese millet sprays.

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Versele-Laga Exotic Nuts is a delicacy which parrots just love. They want their fill of the many whole nuts (including almond, walnut, and pecan) and enjoy the rich mix of grains and seeds.

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NutriBird P 15 Tropical is a balanced complete maintenance food for parrots. Pellets with a scientifically approved composition, based on selected grains, fresh fruit and peanuts.

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Pine nuts are a great natural food ideal for feeding to Squirrels and some larger seed eating birds, as well as large aviary birds. These sweet nuts are great to use as a treat or mixed into the food.

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Provides nutrition and variety. Contains Yellow Biscuit.Ensures day to day health and condition.Fifteen palatable ingredients for nutrition and variety.

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