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In terms of feeding Koi carp, the weather will largely dictate what and when to feed them. During the colder months they will usually require a wheatgerm diet, then when the weather improves in spring, a maintenance diet can be provided and finally when the weather really warms up in summer, a growth mix can be provided. All good quality Koi food will provides the right levels of nutrients which koi require in order to thrive. As a basic guide, good quality food will provide the right protein levels along with vitamin C, which can help their immune systems. Moreover, natural colour enhancers such as Spirulina, Astaxanthin and Canthaxanthin are sometimes added, which can help be bring out the vibrant colours that Koi are renowned for. You can also supplement their diet with treats occasionally, such as oranges, sweetcorn and peas. However, as with any pet, it is important to constantly monitor your fish and make sure they are not over or underweight. We offer our own brand, alongside Hikari and Nishikoi.

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