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Feeding wild birds is an increasingly popular activity. It gives people great pleasure to see a varied selection of birds visit their garden. It is estimated that over half of the adult population in this country put food out for the birds. There are a whole host of products currently marketed as 'Wild bird food'. It is sometimes very difficult to get to grips with this plethora of products. To put it simply, the main products are as follows:

Wild bird seed mixtures - These products contain a range of seeds including Maize, black sunflower, Wheat, Red Dari, Flaked maize, Striped Sunflower, Linseed and White Millet. As a rule of thumb, cheaper value mixes contain more wheat whereas premium mixtures contain greater amounts of black sunflower and other more expensive seeds. Here at GJW Titmuss, we offer a selection of wild bird seed mixtures ranging from standard wild bird mix to GJW Titmuss no waste mix.

Bird Peanuts - These are rich in fat and are popular with tits, greenfinches, woodpeckers and siskins. All of our peanuts are tested for aflatoxin. We require certificates for each and every batch.

Niger Seed - These are very small black seeds with very high oil levels. This product will require special Niger seed feeders. This seed is especially loved by Goldfinches, Redpoll and siskins.

Black sunflower bird seed- This is an excellent year-round food and great value too. The oil content is particularly high.

Sunflower hearts – This is essentially the sunflower seed without the husk. Sunflower hearts are super high in energy and leave very little waste. This does mean that they tend to be one of the more expensive wild bird foods.

Bird suet fat balls (suet treats) Fat balls have a high energy content, are convenient to handle and are great for year round feeding to a wide variety of wild birds.

People often think that providing wildbird food is purely a winter activity. However, wild birds actually benefit from food during the summer too. They need high protein food for periods when they are breeding and moulting. During the autumn and winter months, it is often advised that you feed the birds twice a day; once in the morning, then again in the afternoon. Wild birds need high energy, high protein food to maintain good health. Be sure to provide the best wild bird food you can buy, shop with GJW Titmuss

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Sunflower hearts act as a magnet for all wild birds. These top quality sunflower hearts are from bakery grade stock - cheapest price in UK too

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Peanuts are rich in fats, proteins and oils and are of major importance to the tit family, greenfinch flocks, siskins, woodpeckers and house sparrows. Guaranteed Peanuts - tested for Aflatoxin to ensure the safety of our wildlife.

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Their wide diversity of ingredients, including oat and wheat flakes, a variety of fine seeds, and sunflower seeds containing plenty of fat, make Erdtmanns fat balls a banquet for every song-bird.

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Half-Coconut shells filled with high energy suet and a variety of seed. They have rope hanging chains attached and come in a pack of four.

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8*4 pack Half Coconuts £30

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