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Cat flaps are really great products, as they allow you pets to freely come and go as they please, without you having to let them in and out every time. Some of these products feature four-way locking, which means that you can select entry only, exist only, both entry and exit and finally locked for no-entry or exit. This really gives you the control you need to look after your beloved cat. Finally they can be added to most types of door; Wood, metal, glass etc.

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The stylish Dog Runner (45x150cm) ensures that muddy paws are not trailed into the house. The mats are fully absorbent, machine washable and have all grip and no slip.

RRP £20.00 your price £19.99

The Muddy Buddy (40x60cm) is like a welcoming doormat for your feline friend. The fact that it serves to make sure that muddy paws are not trailed into the house is the real bonus though.

your price £9.99

This economically priced cat flap with uncompromised quality is particularly recommended for thin panel doors and screens to 13mm (0.5") thick.

RRP £11.95 your price £9.99

Entry and exit operated by unique electronic I.D. Discs (2 supplied) for up to 9 cats - keeps all other animals out.

RRP £99.95 your price £84.95

The Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap has been developed to offer an easy solution for selective entry control, operated by your cat’s unique implanted identification microchip.

RRP £74.95 your price £53.95

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