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As a cat owner, it is important to make sure your cat is identifiable if they do get lost. Making sure your cat has a collar along with a tag with your telephone number and address on it can ensure the safe return of your cat, if they do get lost. However, as well as proving a functional benefit, we have a wide range of fashionable, designer collars in a range of colours and high quality designs. In terms of getting the right collar, it is really important make sure you get the right size. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to get one to two fingers underneath. For kittens, it is advisable to monitor them indoors whilst wearing one, before allowing them outside, as they can easily get in sticky situations where the collar can become stuck or attached to something. You can also purchase reflective collars, which can help to keep your cat safe if they are outside at night.

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The new Break-away safety release buckle will release if the collar meets with any type of resistance, such as getting caught in trees and bushes. All our collars have safety warning bells to help protect the wildlife.

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