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Looking after your dog not only means feeding them the right food, getting regular checkups at the vets etc, but making sure they are well groomed not only ensures they look their best, it can help the dog owner identify any hidden health problems and also improve your dog’s overall health. Regular combing and grooming can keep your dog’s skin and coat in good condition, as it takes away loose hairs which may have got caught and also stimulates their skin too. Dogs which require a substantial ‘haircut’ usually require the owner uses a good pair of quality scissors or even clippers for dogs with loads of hair which needs to be trimmed. Another important aspect not to ignore is the maintenance of your dog’s nails, which need to be trimmed, as when they get too long, it can cause them pain. Dogs who lead a very active outdoor life, will naturally wear their nail’s down, however dogs who are less active and spend most of their time indoors will often need their owners to do this for them.

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Some dogs just need a little more help than others and this is the one for them. This perfumed shampoo helps dispel body odours, beautifies the coat and adds lustre. It is suitable for all breeds and the muckiest of dogs.

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