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Making a dog door available in your house, will enable your four legged friend to come and go as and when they want to. A dog door is placed in a door and allows the dog to leave and re-enter the house without the need for the owner to open the door. These doors offer protection against various weather conditions and they’re also designed to offer good security.

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The Bettacare pet gate makes an effective barrier for pets, and is standard tested for children. Patented new type of locking handwheel - Child-proof and can not be over tightened or work loose in use.

your price £39.75

The stylish Dog Runner (45x150cm) ensures that muddy paws are not trailed into the house. You won’t regret this purchase that will protect your floors and carpets and displays to your visitors that there is a pet about the house.

RRP £20.00 your price £19.99

Stop muddy paws is the stylish way to make sure that muddy footprints are not trailed through the house.The mats are fully absorbent, machine washable and have all grip and no slip.

RRP £15.00 your price £12.99

Extra tall gate to make an effective barrier for pets. This gate includes the addition of a cat flap in the gate door to give maximum flexibility for big and small pets. (cat flap W 18 x H 16 cm.)

your price £41.99

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