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Purchasing a good quality dog crate can be a prudent investment, as not only do these products enable you to transport your dog with ease, they provide comfort and safety for your dog too. For example, having a robust crate means that you can keep you dog secure and safe in the event of an accident. Furthermore, keeping your dog safe in a car crate prevents your dog from jumping out of the car at the end of a journey and running across a road, potentially causing injury. You can also put a blanket over the car crate in order to prevent travel sickness and keep your dog in a placid mood. We stock a vast range of crates and carriers from top brands such as Ferplast. All of these products are offered with free delivery too.

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A safe and secure place for your dog to relax. This anti-rust construction is ideal for car travel and comes with 2 doors and a plastic floor tray. Folds down for easy transportation and storage.

RRP £93.99 your price £43.99

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