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Dogs are very playful creatures, so whether you're getting a new puppy or looking to treat your senior dog, dog toys are a great idea. They are suitable for the vast majority of dog breeds. However, it is a good idea to make sure that the size of the toy matches the size of your dog. A large dog may choke on a really small toy. However, it usually tells you on the packaging which breeds it is suitable for, in order to avoid confusion.

Dog toys are actually more beneficial than you may imagine, as firstly, they can help prevent boredom, which is great for dogs as it gets them excited and engages them. Nina Ottoson interactive toys are great for this purpose. Indestructible toys can also be used to help curb a dog's potentially destructive behaviour too. For example, it is better for a dog to have fun chewing on a rubber Kong than on your brand new piece of furniture. Moreover, there are special 'Dental' products on the market which have been developed to remove plaque from dogs' teeth. It is also worthy to note that dog toys can really enhance the connection between owner and dog, through increased interaction.

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The ball launcher provides a better way to play fetch with small dogs. Long-handled, plastic launcher extends the arm’s reach to throw balls three times farther than tossing by hand.

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