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When considering which food to buy, it is vital to buy a product that matches the current weather conditions. As a general guide, when the weather is warmer and the fish are more active, they will require a higher protein food to enable growth and when the weather is cold, their metabolisms slow right down and require food which is easier to digest. During spring, the weather will start to get warmer and the fish will become more active, therefore this is the time to start feeding a wheat germ based product. During the warm summer months, it is advised to feed your fish with a general pellet of stick mix (or Koi mix, is you have Koi carp). Theses products contain higher levels of protein, which promote good growth. Furthermore, it is advised to feed your fish 2 to 4 times daily. Then in late autumn and winter, it is usually a good idea to more back to a wheatgerm diet, but only provide food if the are still coming to the surface. Our range includes Koi food, Pond pellets and Sticks.

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These wheatgerm pellets contain all of the nutritients required by fish during the winter. They are easily digested and do not sit in the gut. These pellets should be used when the the temperature fall to approximately 10c and below.

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