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Owning a cat can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience, and as such, they are the second most popular pets in the UK behind dogs, with an estimated eight million cats in the UK. There are numerous types, colours and breeds of cats, all with different needs. On average, cats live for around 13-15 years, so owning one is a long term commitment. With regards to looking after a cat, it is vital to provide them with clean, fresh drinking water, as then can become very dehydrated very quickly. In terms of feeding, providing them with quality, nutritious food is important as it will provide them with all the micro and macro nutrients needed in order for them to thrive. Lastly, cleaning out a cat litter tray regularly is advised, as this will help keep your home fresh and clean. Alongside staples such as Food, we also offer other products such as Toys, activity play centres, muzzles, carriers and Flea treatments & Worming tablets.

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This premium cat litter is made from a pure Natural mineral and using our unique super sieved system comes a dust free product with superior clumping and odour control.

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Whiskas® Temptations are delicious cat treats with soft and smooth savoury centres in a crunchy shell. Foil packed for freshness and available in a variety of flavours, they're a winning combination.

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