The Hill’s dog prescription diet range provides a selection of vet developed diets which have been specifically designed to address the nutritional needs of dogs with specific health conditions. All of these products have been studied and proven to help reduce the symptoms associated with various ailments. These diets are available in either dry kibbles or in tins. Some of the health concerns that this range helps to address are as follows; skin issues, kidney problems, urinary problems, joint problems, weight problems and digestive issues. All of these products have been carefully researched and studied by vets and top animal nutritionists in order to provide your dog with the best diet, using the latest cutting edge research. If your pet is ill, then the Hil’s Prescription Diet range offers a broad range of clinically proven nutrition to help support your dog’s battle against such health issues. This range includes tasty dry and canned nutrition to help aid a range of diseases such as urinary conditions, dermatology problems, renal disease, mobility issues, gastro-intestinal disease and obesity. Hill's is dedicated to the consistent improvement of all their products and through Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition™ they utilise both the latest scientific research evidence with clinical excellence, in order to help improve your dog’s health and quality of life. Some of the top selling products include: K/D, Z/D, I/D and R/D.

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Prescription Diet™ Canine i/d™ is a highly digestible formula created specifically to help manage dogs with gastrointestinal disorders.

RRP £71.69 your price £59.49

2*12KG HILLS I/D ONLY £104.94


Hill's™ Prescription Diet™ Canine j/d™ is clinically proven to improve mobility in just 3 weeks with the right balance of healthy nutrients and a special omega-3 oil.

RRP £74.99 your price £59.99

2*12KG HILLS J/D ONLY £110.94

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