Dorwest veterinary, produces are wide range of traditional and herbal remedies for dog and other pets. These products are produced to the very highest standards. These products undergo strict quality and microbiological checks, using scientific testing methods, in order to make sure all ingredients meet and exceed the requirements of the British Herbal or the European Pharmacopœias, and to ensure that there is no pollution or contamination. Testing is continued throughout manufacture to ensure conformity and purity. Furthermore, to make sure the products maintain their strength and effectiveness throughout their shelf life, they undertake stability testing to ensure that no deterioration takes place and that every tablet retains its effectiveness throughout their shelf life. Dorwest have been producing their range of herbal products for over sixty years now. Their products are made using the highest quality ingredients and are made using traditional herbal recipes along with the latest scientific knowledge. It is important to note that none of these products require a prescription so can be purchased whenever required. Their products can help with things such as digestive problems, skin conditions, nerves, phobias and anxiety, travel sickness and joint problems.

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