Royal Canin is one of the largest names in the world of pet nutrition. Their research driven and scientific approach ensures that they are at the fore of pet nutrition and development. Each and every one of their diets is based on years of research and their expertise when it comes to making their food healthy and super delicious for your pet. In terms of research, Royal Canin have their own research department who work with some of the leading universities and veterinary schools across the world. Royal Canin know that the key to their success, it their ability to keep innovating and keeping up with the latest research in the area of pet and animal nutrition. In terms of their range, Royal Canin has perhaps the most comprehensive ranges of any pet food company. They produce both breed specific and life-stage specific pet food, which means no matter what breed, size or age of cat or dog you have, there is sure to be a suitable Royal Canin dog food or cat food for your pet.

Royal Canin has been specifically developed with your cat and dog in mind. They don’t do market research or consumer surveys. Their innovations are based purely on the needs of your dog. Their dog food range is based on their comprehensive knowledge of dogs, gained through many years of studies and research, at their own specialist research centre, and through numerous partnerships with top vet schools and elite universities. Moreover, they also receive further input from breeders and vets worldwide.

As a company, they are continually expanding and furthering their knowledge in this area, to keep providing you with food, which specifically meets your dog's precise dietary requirements. One of the key principles behind the Royal Canin philosophy is the idea that one food does not suit all dogs. They take into consideration age, breed, activity levels, size and weight when formulating their dog food. They were the first to introduce breed specific diets in 1980. Then in 1997, they were the first to introduce products based on the differing nutritional needs of small, medium and large dogs.

Royal canin X small dog food

The Royal Canin X-Small range is designed for dogs that weight up to 4kgs. Therefore, this diet has been specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of small dogs. In reality, small dogs can live more than twice as long as large dogs, so making sure they have the right nutrition is vital for ensuring they live a long and healthy life. Research has shown that small dogs start to age at around 8 years of age but the process of ageing really speeds in when they reach 12 years old.

Royal canin mini dog food

The Royal Canin mini dog food range is designed for dogs whose adult weight is between 5kgs and 10kgs. It is clear that small dogs require bespoke nutrition, so that is why this diet is offered in a wide range of different age ranges such as puppy, junior, adult and mature. Furthermore, both a sensitive digestion product and a weight control product are available in this range too.

Royal canin medium breed dog food

The Royal Canin medium range is designed for dogs whose adult weight is between 11kgs and 25kgs. It is clear that medium dogs are renowned for their high activity levels and many of which are working dogs. This means that much of their day can be spent outside in the great British outdoors. Therefore, this diet has been formulated to take into account the hardworking nature of these dogs and contains all the nutrients in order to keep your dog healthy and full of vitality. Also, this range caters for medium dogs no matter what their age range of specific sensitivity, as the following products are available; puppy, junior, adult, mature, light, sensitive skin and sensitive digestion.

Royal Canin maxi dog food

The Royal Canin maxi range is suitable for dogs who weigh between 26kgs and 44kgs (adult weight). These types of dogs are known to be energetic and athletic in nature. These dogs need a high quality, high energy food which contains all the calories needed to sustain them throughout the day. Furthermore, these dogs need a high quality supply of protein in order to repair muscle and maintain muscle tone. This maxi diet is available in a wide range of age ranges; Puppy, junior, adult and senior. Furthermore, a range of products designed to meet specific sensitivities are also available which deal with sensitive digestion and skin conditions.

Royal canin giant dog food

The Royal Canin giant range is suitable for dogs whose weight is more than 45kgs (adult weight). It is clear that giant dogs have very specific nutritional requirements and need the correct levels of nutrients in order to sustain their large bodies. This giant range includes ingredients which are designed to maintain joint health, improve digestion and maintain muscle mass. Also, this diet has specially designed kibbles, which encourage chewing and slows down the rate at which a giant dog consumes their food. As with the other Royal Canin range, this diet is available in puppy, junior, adult and senior age ranges. It also contains products that help dogs with sensitive digestion and dogs that suffer from skin conditions.

Top Royal Canin dog & cat food products:

Royal Canin Maxi Adult Dog Food 15kg

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Dog Food 12kg

Royal Canin Medium Adult Dog Food 15kg

Royal Canin Maxi Light Adult Dog Food 15kg

Royal Canin Maxi Junior Dog Food 15kg

Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food 12kg

Royal Canin Giant Adult Dog Food15kg

Royal Canin Maxi Adult 5+ Dog Food 15kg

Royal Canin Boxer Adult Dog Food 12kg

Royal Canin Giant Junior Dog Food 15kg

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