Autarky dog food has grown to become one of the UK’s leading dog food brands, in a very short space of time. Each and every bag contains carefully formulated levels of nutrients to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog. Their range has been created with help from some of the country’s leading dog vets and nutritionists. Unlike some other brands, whose formulas contain high levels of certain nutrients, Autarky dog food, has been developed as a holistic alternative, which means that all the ingredients work in synergy and complement each other. This leads to a healthier coat, improved mobility and reduced stool volume. Furthermore, all of their ingredients are sourced from Northamptonshire, from non-GM ingredients which are both soya and gluten free. Finally, no artificial colours or preservatives are used, instead natural antioxidants are utilised, in order to ensure each bag reaches you fresh.

Their dog food range is made using a holistic approach which is designed to ensure your dog is getting all the required levels of nutrition, needed for an active and fulfilling live. All Autarky diets are produced in-house in Northamptonshire, from quality ingredients which are certified as non GM. Furthermore, their products are hypo-allergenic and don’t contains either soya or gluten. This means that their diets won’t cause or exacerbate symptoms associated with digestive discomfort, itchy skin, joint problems etc. In terms of specifics, their food contains a high quality protein source (chicken or salmon), a quality carbohydrates source in the form or rice, then vegetables such as carrots peas, and finally essential vitamins, minerals and herbs, which ensure a great tasting product, which is highly nutritious. Their range comprises of Puppy/Junior,, Adult Chicken, Adult Salmon and Senior Light, offered in either chicken or salmon flavour. So there is an Autarky dog food product for your dog, no matter their life-stage.

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Autarky Puppy / Junior gives your puppy the best start for his active and enjoyable life.Our unique recipe has been formulated to support your puppy’s rapid growth and development.

RRP £26.99 your price £24.99

2*12kg AUTARKY PUPPY £42.48


Autarky Adult Salmon is a complete feed suitable for adult working dogs up to the onset of old age. The delicious salmon bites are packed with wholesome ingredients to help keep your dog fit & healthy.

your price £22.99

2*12kg AUTARKY SALMON £39.98


A complete feed designed for the more mature dog, typically over 7 years of age. The appetizing salmon recipe has a more moderate calorie content to help avoid weight gain in older dogs who may be slowing down.

RRP £23.99 your price £22.99

2*12kg AUTARKY SALMON £39.98

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