Since their inception back in the 1940’s, Iams have always set out to create the best cat and dog food on the market. Their main goal was to create a delicious diet for cats and dogs, which most importantly, contained high quality nutrition, which helps these pets live a long, happy and healthy life. At the start, the founder, Paul Iams, spent a great deal of time with pet nutritionists, breeders and other animal experts, in order to fully understand the importance of protein in a pet’s diet.

He was one of the first people to fully grasp the idea that cats and dogs are primarily carnivores, and therefore are better suited to a more meat based diet. This idea was to revolutionise the pet food industry for years to come. Today, Iams still hold that belief that good nutrition can make the world of difference to the health and wellbeing of your pet.

Thie Iams dog food and cat food ranges are made of high quality ingredients carefully selected to meet your dog's correct nutritional needs. Different ages, weights and activity levels are all catered for within the range. It is important to remember that dogs have some very basic nutritional needs which should be considered. As opposed to the needs of humans, dogs actually need more fat in their diet for energy and a healthy coat and skin, whereas they need less fibre in order to maintain good intestinal health.

Iams Puppy Food

The Iams puppy food range included a small & medium breed diet, with another product formulated for Large breed puppies. This diet helps to provide your puppy with the required nutrients in order to promote seven signs of health. This includes good digestion for which high level of prebiotics are added, brain function is enhanced with the addition of omega 3 fatty acids, muscles are supported by the high levels of protein, whilst immune health is supported by antioxidants, skin & coat are kept healthy with the addition of omega 6 fatty acids, whilst essential minerals are added to improve bone density and finally key nutrients are added to support heart health.

Iams adult dog food

Iams produces two types of adult dog food, one of which is suitable for Small and Medium dogs, whilst the other for Large Dogs. Iams is produced with the sole aim of nourishing your dog and promoting 7 signs of health vitality. This ranges from prebotics to help with digestion, quality protein to help muscle growth and repair, crunchy kibbles to keep teeth healthy and reduce tartar build up, additional nutrients to help with heart health, antioxidants to help with immune health, omega fatty acids to help improve your dogs skin & coat and finally essential minerals to help maintain bone health.

Iams senior dog food

Iams senior dog food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs that are 7 years old and older. Again, this diet contains ingredients that promote the 7 signs of vitality. This includes the inclusion of prebiotics and a unique fibre blend to ensure healthy digestion, a potent antioxidant and Vitamin E blend to ensure a strong immune system. Furthermore, this diet contains crunchy kibbles to improve dental health, key nutrients to improve joint health, quality chicken protein to improve muscle condition, essential minerals to maintain strong bones, and finally essential nutrients to keep your dog heart healthy.

Iams light dog food

Iams light dog food is designed to help dogs who are carrying too much weight. An overweight dog can suffer from many health problems which can affect their quality of life. This diet is specially formulated to reduce your dog’s weight, whilst providing them with a satisfying and tasty food. It contains key ingredients to ensure digestive, joint, skin, heart, dental, bone and coat health, whilst being low in fat and simultaneously reducing their weight in a healthy manner.

Iams Cat food

It has been said that the food you give your cat can affect their weight, skin, coat quality, lifespan and even the amount of hairballs produced. With this is in mind, it is hugely important that the right cat food is selected. Therefore, by choosing Iams cat nutrition you are getting top quality nutrition, carefully formulated with your cat’s wellbeing in mind. Their founding philosophy that good a good diet greatly improves an animal’s health; still holds true as much now as it did in the past. As a company, they believe that cats should be fed as carnivores, which is why every bag of their cat food contains high levels of fish, chicken, lamb etc. They were also one of the pioneering firms which introduced different foods based on different life-stages. This means that each product is tailored towards cats of different ages, as kittens clearly have different nutritional requirements when compared to adult or senior cats. Finally, every one of their products is manufactured to the highest standards in order to ensure their formulations completely safe for your animals.

Iams Kitten food

Iams Kitten food is produced made using the best ingredients, with chicken and turkey being the number one ingredient in their products. This diet is said to help promote seven signs of health and vitality. This includes improving digestions with the use of prebiotics and beet pulp. Improving the immune system, with the inclusion of powerful antioxidants. Building muscle mass with the addition of high levels of protein. Improving coat and skin condition, eye health and brain development, with the use of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Then finally improving bone strength with the addition of calcium and balanced levels of phosphorus.

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A premium dog food which uses quality ingredients to enhance your dogs natural defence system and overall health. Great for larger breeds.

RRP £34.99 your price £30.99

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A great premium dog food designed for overweight dogs or those with a lower activity level. All breeds - from 1 year.

RRP £37.99 your price £33.99

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A great complete food for your puppy. It contain quality ingredients which promotes healthy growth and strong teeth, muscles and bones.

RRP £37.99 your price £33.99

Buy 2 bags and Save 30% off RRP


A great complete food for your puppy. Iams puppy Quality ingredients which promotes healthy growth and strong teeth, muscles and bones.

RRP £37.99 your price £33.99

Buy 2 bags and Save 30% off RRP

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