Burns Dog Food was formed after its owner, John Burns, saw many pets come into his veterinary surgery with the same health issues. He concluded that diet must play a part in this. He therefore recommended that these pets were given home cooked food, such as chicken and rice instead. The results were very significant and many of the problems cleared up. However, he soon realised that preparing home cooked meals every day was a very significant task for busy pet owners. That is why in 1993, he launched his own range of dog food. All these products are made with the best ingredients, which have been shown to be beneficial for health. However, more importantly, they exclude all know ingredients which have been shown to cause allergies and intolerance.

Burns dog food manufactures a range of high quality, holistic diets for dogs. This product meets the differing nutritional requirements of all kinds of dogs with different requirements, as good nutrition is the basis of good health. This range was developed by a Vet called John Burns, with the entire range formulated based on John's veterinary experience with dogs that suffered from diet related health problems. John developed his products due to his concerns about the quality and types of ingredients in many commercial pet foods. He was concerned that these ingredients could be doing more harm than good.

All ingredients used by Burns Pet Nutrition, are hypoallergenic and are free from artificial flavourings and preservatives, wheat and even soya. Burns dog food is a natural recipe that ensures excellent health in dogs of all ages, ranging from puppies, and going up to seniors. John Burns has always taken a holistic approach to the health of pets. This approach worked 20 years ago and is still going strong today. Burns was, and still is a family run operation which places great value on the use of top quality ingredients and excellent customer service. As a company they work very hard to reduce the impact upon which they have on the environment.

Burns Puppy food

Providing your puppy with quality nutrition is vital for ensuring that your puppy has the best possible start in life. Burns puppy food contains all the key nutrients required by both puppies and juniors of all breeds. Unlike some other products on the market, this particular diet contains controlled levels of protein, healthy fats and key minerals which help to promote growth, but at a more sustainable and controlled pace. This is because when puppies grow too quickly, this can put a strain on their joints and bones, which can affect their health later on in life. Burns mini bites are available in a range of sizes from 2kg up to 15kg and available in either chicken and rice or lamb and rice.

Burns adult dog food

Burns adult is suitable for both adult and senior dogs. It is still made to John Burns original chicken and brown rice recipe, and contains all the key nutrients required by dogs at this stage of life, to remain active and healthy. This diet can help improve coat, skin and digestive health. The key benefits of this product are that it is hypo-allergenic, which means that it is good for dog which have previously had digestive complaints. This is due to the fact that it only contains quality ingredients such as those mentioned above, and doesn’t contain any cheap bulking products such as soya, wheat or artificial colours. Another good aspect associated with this food, is the fact that it said to be cheaper than other brands, as less food is required due to the simple, concentrated nature of the formula.

Burns choice dog food

Burns Choice is a nutritious diet, formulated with the addition of maize rather than rice. This wholegrain food provides a steady stream of energy throughout the day and it is very beneficial for dogs that suffer from digestive discomfort and skin and coat complaints. This range is available in a range of flavours, including chicken, lamb and fish. Furthermore, all 12kg bags are available with free delivery.

Burns sensitive dog food

Burns sensitive food is suitable or dogs who suffer from problems stemming from poor digestion or skin complaints. This diet is available in two flavours; duck & rice or pork & potato. These ingredients have been carefully selected, as they are the easiest type of protein for dogs to digest. When used as maintenance food, these products can significantly improve skin and coat condition and ease digestive problems. All 12kg bags are available with free delivery, so please feel free to browse our selection below:

Burns active dog food

The Burns active range was created to specifically address the nutritional needs to working dogs. This diet contains a formula of hypo-allergenic ingredients such as chicken and brown rice, which can help keep your dog’s coat in good condition and keep their digestive system healthy. Working dogs expend greater amounts of calories that regular dogs, so this diet contains the right amount of calories in order to keep your dog going, without gaining weight. Furthermore, this range of food contains the right quantities of protein in order to sustain muscle mass. A working dog can also describe guide dogs, which require a food that will keep them alert and focused. Therefore, burns alert contains increased levels of antioxidants and omega fatty acids, which can help these dogs, perform the tasks required of them.

Burns weight control

Burns weight control is formulated to help overweight dogs return to a normal weight. Overweight dogs have been known to suffer from many health problems and can negatively affect their quality of life. This diet contains a blend of low fat ingredients to help with weight loss, but also contains high fibre and low GI carbohydrates that can help keep a dog full throughout the day. Like all the burns range, this diet contains hypoallergenic ingredients, which can help with digestive health and skin condition.

Burns Penlan range

The Burns Penlan diet is a fully balanced nutritional complete wet dog food, available in three flavours: egg, rice and vegetable, chicken, rice and vegetables and finally lamb, rice and vegetables. This range uses ingredients ethically and sustainable sourced mainly from their own farm. As with all Burns food, the Penlan range is designed to provide dogs with high quality nutrition to provide support to dogs with digestive and skin conditions.

Burns dog treats

Just like their dog food, the range of Burns treats are highly nutritious and made from carefully selected ingredients such as chicken, fish and brown rice. All ingredients have been selected due to their nutritional benefit, and supplied in just the right amounts to provide the maximum benefit. These natural treats are great when given occasionally as a treat between meals or as a training reward. Their range includes products such as Kelties, Ocean Bites and carrot slices.

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Made to his original recipe, John Burns’ Original Lamb & Brown Rice contains everything an adult dog needs for health and vitality. A complete low fat food for adult dogs of all breeds.

RRP £55.50 your price £46.99

2*15kg BURNS CHICKEN /LAMB £79.96


Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and digestion, Burns Sensitive+ Duck & Brown Rice contains everything an adult dog needs for lifelong health and vitality. For Adult Dogs of All Ages including Seniors.

RRP £55.50 your price £48.99

2*15kg BURNS DUCK OR PORK £85.24


Burns natural treats are the perfect accompaniment to our maintenance diets. Feed as an occasional treat and adjust the daily the feeding amount accordingly.

your price £2.25

A complete low fat food for adult and senior dogs of all breeds Burns Choice is a complete diet containing all the nutrition a dog needs for a long and healthy life.

RRP £41.00 your price £38.99

2*12kg BURNS CHOICE ONLY £70.18


A complete food for all breeds of puppies and junior dogs. Smaller kibble is particularly suitable for small and toy breeds.

RRP £44.50 your price £41.49

2*12kg BURNS PUPPY £70.54

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