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PRO PLAN has been producing pet food for over eighty five years. During this time, they have built up a considerable breadth of experience when it comes to making sure their products are nutritionally balanced and help to enhance the overall wellbeing of dogs. All their formulas contain the best quality chicken, Salmon or Lamb, with these sources of protein constituting the number one ingredient in their products. This means that there are no nasty fillers or artificial colours in their diets. Furthermore, their formulas are enhanced by the addition of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E. All these ingredients contribute towards achieving a shiny coat and robust immune system.

Pro Plan PUPPY

The Puppy food range makes use of their unique ‘Optistart’ blend of ingredients. This supplies puppies with the nutrition they require in order to develop strong and robust immune systems. Pro plan ‘Optistart’ contains the powerful ingredient Colostrum, which is research proven to assist in providing a degree of nutritional goodness, which puppies usually receive from their mother’s milk. Furthermore, Colostrum helps by topping up the levels of friendly bacteria found in the digestive system, which is known to boost immune health and lower the number of stomach problems. Finally, their Puppy range of food utilises significant levels of DHA & EPA, which are good for cognitive and visual development. Here at GJW Titmuss, we supply the entire Pro Plan puppy range, which includes Sensitive, Original, Digestion, small breed, Large breed robust puppy and Large breed athletic. Moreover, all their diets are offered with free delivery too.

Pro Plan ADULT

The adult dog food range includes a selection of products designed to meet the nutritional needs of different breeds and sizes of adult dogs. Similar to other brands of premium dog food, the Pro Plan adult dog food range uses high quality meat protein source such as; Chicken, Salmon or Lamb, as the main ingredient. Using meat as the number one ingredient means that this range will be slightly more expensive than other brands, but it does however, mean your dog will be receiving the high quality nutrition they require to ensure good muscle development and immune health. These adult formulations also contains ‘Pro Bifidus’ which supplies a significant level of prebiotics, which have been shown in research studies to increase the levels of good gut bacteria, thus helping to improve vitality and all-round health and well-being.


The Pro Plan senior dog food range has been developed over the course of many years and provides a powerful formulation which has been highlighted in studies, to delay the onset of cognitive ageing whilst further improving alertness and cognitive function in senior dogs over the age of 7 years. This range has become very popular in recent years and many customers who have purchased this food say they have seen significant changes in their older dog’s energy levels, playfulness, mental alertness and mobility. Moreover, the Pro Plan senior range adds a specific blend of nutrients called ‘Acti-Mobility’, which includes a selection of powerful ingredients, designed to assist joint health and help your senior dog maintain good muscle mass and stop fat gain. Finally, this diet uses ‘Pro-Immune’, which provides a powerful level of antioxidants, which have been shown to combat many signs of ageing.

Pro Plan Cat Food

The cat range offers quality cat food at affordable prices. This range includes specific diets designed to meet the nutritional needs of all life-stages including Kittens, Adults & seniors. This range has become very popular in recent years, as it includes high quality ingredients in conjunction with research studied nutrients, in order to improve all-round health and well-being. All Pro Plan cat formulations are developed by a selection of qualified vets and cat nutritionists, thus ensuring that only ingredients that have been research studied and proven to be beneficial, are included in their cat food. Pro Plan cat recipes are 100% complete and balanced, containing top quality ingredients from carefully selected suppliers. You can rest assured that all of their formulations have been developed with the help of some of the world’s top cat nutritionists and vets, and have been developed to help improve the long-term health of your cat. Finally, we stock the entire range, which comes with free delivery on all products.

Pro plan for kittens

Pro Plan Kitten food has been designed to meet the nutritional needs of kittens during this vital time during their lives. Unlike other life stages, Kittens have incredibly specific nutritional requirements. This is why Pro Plan have formulated their kitten diets in order to provide immune support utilising their ‘Optistart’ nutritional system, which helps to increase the number of friendly gut bacterial. Colostrum is also added too, which has been research proven to significantly improve the function of the immune system. In addition, the Pro Plan Kitten range includes key nutrients which help with cognitive development, visual health and bone & joint development. Finally, all these products are offered with free delivery too.

Pro plan for adult cats

The Pro Plan adult cat range has been designed to address the nutritional requirements of adult cats, during these important years of their lives. The Pro Plan adult range includes Pro Plan’s unique blend of nutrients called ‘Optirenal’, which is a collection of fatty acids, amino acids and powerful antioxidants, which have been shown in research to improve kidney health. Furthermore, this adult range also includes powerful ingredients which help improve joint health and mobility, alongside other ingredients such as omega fatty acids, Vitamin E, copper and Zinc, which help improve skin and coat condition. In terms of immune health and support, strong antioxidants alongside vitamin C and vitamin E are included, in order to make your adult cat’s immune system more robust and resilient. Finally, to improve dental health and hygiene, the kibbles used in these diets, have been carefully designed in such as way, that as your cat chews their food, the kibbles helps to remove plaque and tartar.

Pro plan for senior cats

Pro Plan senior cat food has been designed to meet the nutritional requirements of senior cats, during the autumn years of the lives. The Pro Plan cat senior range includes a blend of nutrients called ‘Lengevis’, which is a collection of powerful ingredients such as omega fatty acids, pre-biotics and antioxidants, which have been research proven to assist and improve the quality of life of cats who are 7 years and older. This formulation also assists the immune system through the inclusion of specifically selected vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene. Renal health is a very important issues for older cats, that is why this diet includes a controlled level of minerals in order to ensure that your older cats urine is not overly acidic, which then helps to reduce the risk of kidney and urinary problems. In addition, chicory, a natural pre-biotic is included, which improves the quantity of good bacterial in the gut, thus helping to aid digestion and improve intestinal health. Finally, all these products are offered with free delivery.

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PRO PLAN® ADULT LARGE BREED ROBUST 14kg is formulated for a lower metabolic rate and contains a special combination of L-Carnitine and appropriate fat levels to help maintain lean body mass.

RRP £51.45 your price £38.59



PRO PLAN® ADULT DIGESTION is made with high quality lamb with rice and a special pro-digest formula to help support intestinal health.

RRP £51.45 your price £38.59



PRO PLAN® ADULT SENSITIVE is formulated with limited protein sources to help minimise skin and coat discomfort.

RRP £54.25 your price £38.59



PRO PLAN® ADULT LARGE BREED ATHLETIC 14kg has carefully adapted protein levels to help to fulfil the higher energy needs of athletic physique dogs.

RRP £51.45 your price £38.59



PRO PLAN® ADULT LIGHT 14KG is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs of any breed size that are prone to gain weight with only 9% fat for slightly overweight adult dogs.

RRP £54.25 your price £40.69

PRO PLAN 14KG 2 FOR £67.98


PRO PLAN® PUPPY ORIGINAL with OPTISTART®* is complete nutrition for protection for all puppies. Contains DHA, naturally found in mothers’ milk, important for brain and vision development.

RRP £54.25 your price £40.69

PRO PLAN 14KG 2 FOR £67.98


RO PLAN® Senior Sensitive is specially formulated for more sensitive senior dogs. Made with salmon as the main ingredient, a highly palatable coating and formulated without any other source of animal protein.

RRP £54.25 your price £40.69

PRO PLAN 14KG 2 FOR £67.98


Pro Plan® Senior Original 7+ is the first physiological diet to contain ANTI AGE - a nutrient blend proven* to improve cognitive function and mental alertness in senior dogs.

RRP £51.45 your price £38.59

PRO PLAN 12KG 2 FOR £64.48

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